The Importance of E-commerce website for your Business

June 29, 2018

Consumer behaviour has during the last couple decades changed significantly, and the main driving force behind this is the ever-expanding access to faster internet services and the proliferation of mobile phones.

Consumer Behaviour and E commerce

The impact of mobile phones on consumers’ behaviour is significant and most importantly on the habit of using online merchant websites for ordering even basic home needs. It is not just the fancy and excitement of ordering online that drives E commerce; more importantly it is the convenience and options that drive consumers towards buying goods and services at merchant websites.

Here are some of the benefits that consumers get when they shop online.

Convenience — convenience is the first major benefit that consumers get; it eliminates the need to spend time on travelling, spending money on fuel or talking to dishonest salespersons. Most often, your purchase is delivered at your doorsteps. That is not all either; you can shop 24/7 and at midnight too.

Lower prices — products sold online are cheaper than in-store because the need for a dealer or distributor is eliminated altogether. Manufacturers often pass on the price advantage to consumers who stand to benefit. There is more transparency with regards to discounts and delivery time too.

More options — It is cheaper and you can visit dozens of stores just by clicking on your keyboard. It is easier to compare prices, quality, product features, and payment options and warranty conditions. In a physical store these are difficult to get. Jumping from store to store in a physical world is simply impossible.

Discreet shopping — one of the major reasons to shop online is the privacy you get, especially when shopping for personal products. Online shopping offers a level of privacy that no physical store can offer and shoppers can bid goodbye to embarrassments.

Websites and Businesses

As a businessperson, if you have been following consumer buying habits, you would also have noticed the big shift from store purchases to online purchases. It is not only advantageous to consumers but also for merchants who benefit from changes in buying habits. As a business owner, however, you should remember that you need to first own a E-commerce website to grab the big benefits accruing from the changes.

The benefits of owing a website and selling online are full of advantages. Here are some benefits of owing a website and selling through your website.

Minimum investment on inventory, shop rent and staff

Sell 24/7 365 days in a year

Websites are less expensive than owing expansive shops

Less expenses on accounting staff and banking

Get paid even before the goods leave your store… and more

Owing a business website is no longer a fancy; it is a necessity and the quicker your business realize it the better for you.

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