6-Step Game Plan for Online Visibility

June 29, 2018

Little we need to emphasize on the need for a website for businesses of any size. Even a small time one-store neighbourhood retail shop understands its importance and therefore has a website. Don’t, however forget that the internet is a crowded place and a website is easily lost just like a store in the real world.

Staying Unique

When your website is lost in the crowd, the investment you make on it is also lost. This is however not a reason to feel despaired; there are ways and means to standout from the crowd and get visibility; it is like in the real world where businesses regularly advertise and compete for visibility. The only difference is that you do it in the web space.

The Game Plan

To get the best out of the investment you have made in developing your website, you need to optimize it and it can mean doing one or more of the following:

Strategizing your approach — this means having a game plan and a budget based on your revenue stream, the geographies you want to reach and the products and services you sell. Without a strategy, you will be easily lost in the wilderness of the web.

Optimizing your website for search engines (SEO) — I have always wished that search engines were not there, but there isn’t a better way to get found, I will agree. Whether you like it or not, your content must be as close to what search engines expect of your web pages. This means that you must balance your content with your goals and still be in the good books of the search engines for visibility and high ranking. This is what SEO really means – doing a tight ropewalk.

Advertise on Google Adwords (SEM) – Practically anyone who use the internet for buying goods or service use Google for finding a merchant. However, to expect your web pages on the first few pages is a distant dream, but that doesn’t mean you cannot tap the advantage that first page results offer. SEM can help you get visibility in the first page particular to search terms by cleverly bidding for the specific slots.

Get exposure in the Social Media. The social media is the biggest thing ever happening in the web space. Social Media is the place where your services and products are discussed and eventually endorsed or rejected, and therefore you should take it seriously and corrective steps taken to nip negative impressions about your business. It is also a wonderful cost-effective approach to reach people who have something good to say about your products.

Do Email Marketing for targeted visibility. If you want visibility to targeted customers, then Email marketing will work wonders. If email marketing is done with attractive graphics, you get the advantage of elaborating on what you have to offer. Cleverly scripted emails not only enhance your reach, but also result in better ROI and more conversions.

Building a formidable Public Relationship. Selling goods and getting more visibility is all about establishing a good relationship with your customers and this applies to the web space as well. A well written press release in a highly patronised PR directory can go a long way for getting publicity for your website. That is not all to PR either; PRs can also help you to launch a new product or even reposition your products and services.

Always take a professional approach to building visibility in the web space. It is like similar to how businesses hive it off to professional advertising companies. Talk to us today to get the visibility that your website deserves.

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