5-Steps for Acquiring Repeat Visitors to your Website

June 29, 2018

It will be too naive to expect your website visitors to turn into paying customers the first time they visit. It takes several rounds of visits for customers to decide on buying your products or services. This is though you might have all the ingredients — good visuals, easy navigation and interesting products. It has time and again been observed by veteran online marketing companies that majority of customers compare prices, quality and other factors with competing online merchants before taking the plunge.

Understanding the Little Secret

The secret behind attracting visitors and converting them into customers is in making the casual visitor a regular at your website. Don’t also forget that, regular visitors over a period of time are more likely to convert than a casual person.

A successful website therefore is all about attracting regular visitors and lesser about visitor count. Smart businesses that understand this therefore aim for repeat visitors more than just visitor count, though it matters too.


Put your Website in Order

If you already have a good visitor count and not many are converting into customers within a reasonable time frame, it is high time to look at your web’s shortcomings — it certainly will have some. If product quality, service charges, brand reputation and other commercial reasons is behind this then this article cannot do much for you, but if your web pages are behind it, then you should rectify this at the earliest possible. Letting the shortcomings to stay longer only makes the revamping tougher and less likely to succeed.


Here is what you need to do for attracting repeat visitors.

Your website must load fast; really fast. Do you know that typically users abandon a website if it takes longer than 15 seconds to download? Make your website coding as efficient as possible and compliant with accepted standards. Keep your pages free of gimmicks and don’t use deceptive titles to achieve your goals. Be straight; it helps.

Look from a visitors’ perspective. Optimise content for the keywords you have used. In short, your web pages must contain valuable content that visitors are looking for. Avoid unwanted verbose; your visitor may be looking for information and cloaking your content with clever words may not work.

Make your website interactive. Make life easy for your visitors — a cumbersome one is a turn off, remember. Good navigation means giving your visitors a wholesome experience they will want again and again. Your website should be especially mobile friendly, because that is where most traffic to websites come from.

Go with the latest trends. Content is dynamic and visitors crave for the latest offering. So, update your website with something trendy and new content every other day — it is sure to bring back visitors again and again. Acquiring a new loyal visitor is years of toil and to keep them with you can be harder still. Trendy content can just do this.

Put Email to best you. Email is a tool that you can use to get repeat visitors. Many times websites lose visitors because they fail to keep them in the loop. When not in the loop, visitors forget you because they are flooded with endless options. The best way to set right is to keep in touch through sending email. An email reminds your visitors that you are around and you have something special to offer.

Getting repeat visitors or understanding why your visitors not coming back and make them revisit is a highly level work and therefore you must consult experts

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